Dairy Days: An Exhibit by Dan Bethel

2:00 – 4:00 pm, October 24 , 2020. North Gate, Blackstone Valley Historical Society

Do you remember when the milkman came to your door, with real milk bottles, some of which were topped with cream? Dan Bethel will take us down Memory Lane, with his collection of bottles from many of the local dairies.

Milk Bottle
Chase and Butterfly Farm

Approximately one hundred milk bottles from Lincoln dairies will be displayed. Many farms will be represented, with different types and styles of bottles,  including painted and slug versions, and many size variations. Other dairy farm items like milk caps will also be on display.

Dairies represented in this exhibit will include Maplehurst,  Henry Jordan Farm, Chase Farm, Butterfly Farm, Chase & Butterfly Farm, Lincoln Woods Farm, Comstock Farm, Rene Lamare, Manville Dairy, Stony Brook, Theinert Farm, Fair Oaks Farm, Pascale Farm, Lonsdale Co. Farm, Jordan Bros/Echo Farm, El Rancho, Carl Franz, Ulrich Demaris, Highland Cottage, Maple Farm, and Clarke Farm.

Dan Bethel is known throughout the Blackstone Valley for his many and varied local collections. Come enjoy a trip back to the more simpler days of having milk delivered right to your door!

Unfortunately, no milk, or other refreshments, will be available. We ask that our guests wear masks.