Historical Cemetery Recovery and Restoration Project

At the beginning of November, 2015, the BVHS met with Ken Postle and agreed to support his work on the historical cemeteries of the Blackstone Valley.  We are very excited about this partnership, and look forward to working together.

Ken’s facebook pages document his work as his daily posts take you through his discoveries.

River Road, Blackstone River and Canal Cemeteries

Mineral Spring Avenue Veteran’s Cemetery

On May 4, 2016, the Lincoln Planning Board voted to amend regulations to better protect historic cemeteries: Valley Breeze article
jason-CHS-2On May 26, 2016  Cumberland High School Archaeology Club members Juliana Karbonik, Megan Garson, Emily Mathers, Justin Henry and Shelby Munnelly were honored by the Blackstone Valley Historical Society with a citation given by President Jason Dionne. Mayor Bill Murray, Heidi Munnelly, faculty adviser Roderick McGarry and Ken Postle also attended the rededication ceremony of the restored Brown-Bartlett Historical Cemetery. We are happy to share the Valley Breeze article about the excellent work done by the CHS Archaeology Club, and we look forward to hearing about their future work.

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RI HIstoric Cemeteries Commission

dan bethel-cemetery Dexter Rock Cemetery -Dan Bethel

Jared and Dan Bethel helped Ken Postle clean up the Dexter Rock Road cemetery on December 6, 2015.