Subordinate Grange Record Book-Entry April 25 1902

Meeting April 25 1902-pg2
1971.1 Subordinate Grange Record Book, Nov. 1901-Dec. 1908

The activities of each meeting were recorded in the Subordinate Grange Record Book.  The entries in the books recorded the officers present, topics of lectures, discussions of public events, membership information, and plans for social events and other activities.

At the April 25, 1902 meeting, the Lecturer organized two debates.  The first topic was: “Resolved, that electric cars will be a benefit to the Town of Lincoln.”

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) began in 1865 as a privately-owned horse-operated system called the Union Railroad.  The electric trolley was introduced in 1889. In 1902 (at the time of this debate), the Union Railroad became the Rhode Island Company, an entirely electric system.

The debate may have referred to the building of the electric trolley line through Limerock.  A remnant of the trolley line can be seen in the Lime Rock Preserve off Wilbur Road.

The still timely subject of the second debate was, “Is a vegetable diet more beneficial than a meat diet?”

On the social side, at the next meeting, a “Basket Party” was to be arranged. “Each lady to bring supper for two in a basket.”

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