Membership Applications from the 1890s

Limerock Grange #22

Not all the applicants were from Lincoln—there were applications by people from Central Falls, Pawtucket, and North Providence.  Membership in the Grange was always open to women.  People could join the Grange as full members at the age of 14. (Click images to enlarge)

Albert Holmes-1895-milkman
1971.1. Membership Application, Albert Holmes of Lincoln, Milkman, 1895

George Harris-1894-wheelwright
1971.1.Membership Application, George W. Harris of North Providence, Wheelwright, 1894

Anna Paine-1895-housekeeper
1971.1. Membership Application, Mrs. Anna F. Paine of Lincoln, Housekeeper, 1893

Lovina Miller-1892-schoolgirl
1971.1 Membership Application, Lovina A. Miller of Lincoln, Schoolgirl, 1892

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