History of the Grange-December 30 1960

 This two-page history of the Grange was written on the sixty-first anniversary of the founding of the Grange. At the end it includes the following paragraph written on the tenth anniversary:

“And now on this our tenth anniversary we are glad that we can meet under circumstances so favorable; glad that L. R. Grange stands ready to furnish entertainment, recreation, and instructions to this community.  May it be our aim to elevate and make better and more successful our own lives and the lives of those about us to furnish that social intercourse that the community would otherwise lack, and when another decade has passed and we gather again as we are gathered tonight may those of us who are here then be able to learn of the still greater prosperity of this our beloved grange.”

History of the Limerock Grange #22-1960 p1 History of the Limerock Grange #22 p2

1971.1 History of the Lime Rock Grange #22, December 1960  (Please click to read).

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