Exhibit: Dan Bethel Collection on Oct 23

Sketch of Moffat Mill Collection of Dan Bethel

1-4 p.m. October 23, 2021, Blackstone Valley Historical Society, 1873 Old Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, RI 02865.

Dan Bethel, who has amazed us with his collections on historic Lime Rock, and on Lincoln’s vanished dairy farms, will be having a new exhibit on October 23.

He has created two exhibits from his collection. The first exhibit will feature Moffett Mill, and the second, items from Lincoln’s 1971 Centennial.

Lincoln Centennial: This exhibit will showcase 90 newspaper articles on the many events from start to finish of the Lincoln Centennial in 1971. It will also include 20 snapshots of the River Road parade and other collectible items from the day.   

Moffett Mill: The other portion of the exhibit will showcase a large and comprehensive look at the Moffett Mill and the Moffett family.

    Several large and small display cases will  showcase everything from a blacksmith’s ledger to daily work journals to pictures of the mill as well as personal  items like books and family pictures, even two photos of the family car!

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