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7:00 pm, SATURDAY OCTOBER 20:  The Corpse That Drove a Hearse – and Other True Tales of the Macabre.

A Halloween presentation by Jim Ignasher, Smithfield Historical Society. In this talk, he discusses the Victorian fear of being buried alive, cases of re-animation, and the steps some tried to take to avoid such a fate. Then there were those who actually made a living at being buried alive. It includes stories relating to “points of law” beyond the grave, and finishes with a bizarre love story. The talk is oriented for adults.

Hauntings by Day, Hauntings by Night:  Also in Lincoln, Hearthside will be hosting several related events between September 25 and November 1, including an exhibit, Gone but Not Forgotten: Victorian Mourning Customs, which will be on view October 14, October 20, and October 27.


Stone Wall

Stone Walls of Rhode Island
On Sunday, October 14, Rhode Island state archaeologist Timothy Ives gave a great presentation  on the history and character of R. I.’s stone walls as part of RIHPHC’s Rhode Island Archaeology Month.   Over 100 people attended.


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