Tour of Cogswell Tower


BVHS ON THE GO_2Wednesday, August 26, 6:30 p.m.   Meet at the entrance to Jenks Park on Broad Street, Central Falls, RI, 02863

Central Falls Councilman Bob Ferri invites you to walk with him around Jenks Park and tour the Cogswell Tower.  On Wednesday, August 26 at 6:30 p.m. he will explain this gem within the city, and show you what few know exists there: A grotto at the base of the Tower.


Bob will meet us all at the front entrance to the Park, on Broad Street, right next to City Hall.  Bring your family and friends to enjoy a fascinating night at the Park!

This walk is sponsored by the Blackstone Valley Historical Society, as part of its On-The-Go series of excursions around the Valley.

Jenks Park Plate Closeup3


Images: Above: Cogswell Tower from Wikipedia Commons.

View of Jenks Park, painting on a small souvenir china plate in the collection of the BVHS, from the Lysander Flagg Museum.


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