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Dues and donations support the upkeep of the historic North Gate Building, the Bakery, and the Fire Station; our programs of speakers and events; and the preservation and cataloging of our archives and collections.  We need your support!

We appreciate suggestions for programs. Email them in!  Let’s create interesting events and learn about local history.

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Blackstone Valley Historical Society
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We’ve partnered with PayPal for secure online processing. The BVHS is a non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible.

Alternatively, please send a check to
Blackstone Valley Historical Society
PO Box 125
Lincoln, RI  02865

Rhode Island Foundation: Christine A. Nowak Fund for the Blackstone Valley Historic Society

In 2012, a legacy from Christine Nowak, a former president of the BVHS, allowed us to establish a small organizational endowment in the Rhode Island Foundation.

Contribute at   It is a named fund; find it by entering the keyword  ‘Nowak’.

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