Ray Wolf Brings the Scituate Reservoir to Life at North Gate

ReservoirSunday, March 22nd, 2015

 2:00 P.M. North Gate Toll House, Upstairs Hall

1873 Old Louisquisset Pike (Route 246), Lincoln, RI 02865

  Early last century, Providence’s quest for water became a nightmare for the town of Scituate.  Among those who had to leave their homesteads to make way for this massive project was Ray Wolf’s family.  Through the beauty and heartbreak of his grandmother’s poetry, Ray has kept alive the total change in the lives of the hundreds of families whose homes were demolished for the construction of the Scituate Reservoir.

The construction of the Reservoir, once the land was cleared, was an engineering marvel.  Follow Ray through the amazing work involved in bringing water miles from its origin to its intended goal.  The State of Rhode Island incredibly documented every part of the project, and photographed every building intended for demolition, every major shovelful which brought the finished product a little bit closer.  And, Ray has compiled these photographs to bring that part of Rhode Island history to life.  Come witness the birth of the Scituate Reservoir.

Ray will also have copies of several of his major books, including The Lost Villages of Scituate, and The Scituate Reservoir, for purchase and autographing.

All talks free, the public is welcome.  Donations gratefully accepted.



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