Mission Statement

Continuing the Tradition — Preserving Our History

The Blackstone Valley Historical Society (BVHS)  is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration, preservation, and appreciation of the Blackstone Valley heritage. The Blackstone Valley (in Rhode Island) is comprised of six communities: Pawtucket, Central Falls, Lincoln, Cumberland, North Smithfield and Woonsocket.


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  1. Hi my name is Kim Luca. I live on Wilbur Road and you just marked a cemetery at the end of my property line on Lampercock. It is cemetery #45. Can you you give me some information on it? How did you you find it ? What historical information have you gathered on the age of the cemetery and who might its occupants be? I noticed there are rocks now jutting out where you cleaned, but no names.
    Thanks, Kim

  2. Dear Kim:
    Sorry for the late answer. The cemetery on Lampercock is actually Lincoln #44, not #45. #45 was off Cynthia Road according to a couple of reports. Lincoln #44 is listed in the RI Historical Cemetery Commission List. http://www.rihistoriccemeteries.org/ I learned about it when I was little from Dr. Raymond Houghton. I don’t know how the research is going on the occupants. The 1895 report on the cemetery by James Arnold said that they were believed to be Harrises. There was an article on the cemetery in the Providence Sunday Journal on January 24. The cemetery appears to be from at least the 1700s. I have learned from Ken Postle that inscribed and carved gravestones were not always affordable, and early Quakers sometimes had reservations about putting their names on stones, so some colonial graves were marked with plain stones, sometimes shaped , and these are called fieldstone markers. When I was small there were three visible headstone-shaped stones in a row in the woods there.

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