North Gate Self-Guided Tour

On the 1st floor:

In the foyer, you will find

  • Late 19th century maps of Lincoln and of Lime Rock
  • The Great Road Interpretive Panel – The focus of the panel is to tell the story of the Great Road and its relationship to the development of the local limestone industry and early transportation history in the Blackstone River Valley.

Our most recent exhibit is usually displayed in the dining room.  If there is no exhibit, some of the following paintings/drawings are often on display.

  • 4 framed copies of architect’s drawings done in 1978 by Charter Member, W. Harlow Kahler, Ph.D., which show the evolution of the buildings on the property.
  • a painting of Moffet Mill done by Ralph Mills
  • a print by Maxwell Mays:  A Bird’s Eye view of Slatersville
  • a watercolor of North Gate by Michael R. Mandeville.

On the 2nd floor:

As you reach the 2nd floor you will be able to look into the Rice Museum Room which is an exhibit recreating a room as it might have appeared in the original Toll House during the 1800’s both from the landing and inside the meeting hall.

In the meeting hall you will find

  • Old Rough & Ready, Jr., a 19th century model of a Pawtucket Fire Department Horse Drawn Pumper. The model was built in 1870 by George H. Webb
  • A set of original oil paintings done during 1972 -1975 by Alma (Pilz) Knott that depict scenes of the Pawtucket area.
  • the “Chair of Past Presidents”
  • in the front an advertising screen, hanging as a stage curtain, dating to 1925
  • along the back wall the Dexter Bell, in memory of Roscoe M. Dexter, Esquire
  • also on the back wall is a hand-made Bicentennial Quilt.  It was made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States of America and given to BVHS in 1978 by City of Pawtucket for permanent display.

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  1. I have lived i Lincoln for a number of years, have visited the Grange, and love it.
    I’m wondering if it might be available for rent for a folk dance event with live music? Perhaps in mid September?

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