Submit Final Rental Payment


The security deposit will be refunded to you or applied to your rental if there is no damage to the building or its equipment and if the post-event inspection confirms that there is no damage and no violation of any of the provision of the Agreement. Please refer to the appropriate Agreement on the Rental Page.


Rental Fee Structure for Use of North Gate Members Non-members
Security Deposit (refunded if no damage or no violations) $100.00 $100.00
Use of just Downstairs or just Upstairs, up to 5 hours 125.00 175.00
Use of both Downstairs and Upstairs up to 5 hours 225.00 300.00
Additional hours on same day 20.00/hr 20.00/hr
Use of kitchen facilities 25.00 25.00
Someone to open and close the building 25.00 25.00