2022 Events

17th-century khamsiya/comasee silver coin from Yemem

February 13, 2022: Searching for History with Jim Bailey. Jim Bailey gave a presentation on the 17th- century coin he found in Middletown, RI and the discovery that it related to a famous “cold-case” pirate heist. Henry Every, a famous pirate, made away with treasure from a Mughal vessel off the coast of India in 1695. He disguised his ship the Fancy as a slaver bound for America. He disappeared, but the coin found by Bailey may indicate that the Fancy stopped in Newport on his way back to England.

RI Shipwrecks
RI Shipwrecks by Charlotte Taylor

March 20, 2022. Charlotte Taylor, archaeologist at RI Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission, gave a talk about Rhode Island shipwrecks, and the book she wrote about them,

Detail from The Cove from the Top of City Hall
Detail from “The Cove from the Top of City Hall,” Pastore Collection, Providence College.

April 24, 2024: Snowtown. Theodore Coleman, a civil engineer who is a member of the Providence Center for Reconciliation’s Snowtown research team, gave e a talk about the Snowtown race riots in Providence in 1831 and the team’s research. Snowtown was located near Charles and Gaspee Streets in Providence.

May 15, 2022: Annual Meeting and Christine Nowak Lecture, The Looff Carousel. Donna Houle, of the Friends of the Looff Carousel at Slater Park, gave a presentation about the Carousel.

Michael DiMucci
Michael DiMucci

June 12, 2022: Concert: Americana: The Sensational 70’s by Michael DiMucci.

August 14, 2022. The Great Blackstone River Revival: Raymond Kelley kicks off Zap 50 at the BVHS. Raymond Kelley spoke about the first Zap the Blackstone in 1972, and told about the plans for Zap50 in 2022.

Lime Kiln

September 24, 2022. Great Road Open House Day. Northgate and the Bakery open. Exhibit: Exhibit of paintings of Vincent Bernasconi (1885-1962) a Lincoln artist who was a graphic artist at the Providence Journal.

Blackstone River near Lonsdale
Blackstone River near Lonsdale

November 20, 2022: Kittycunk Speaks, a film about the history of the Blackstone. John Marsland, president of the Blackstone Valley Watershed Council Friends of the Blackstone, introduced the movie.