Subordinate Grange Record Book-Entry March 23 1951

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1971.1.Subordinate Grange Record Book, July 1949-Oct. 1953 (Please click to enlarge)

On March 23, 1951, the Youth Committee was planning an outing at Wallum Lake in Burrillville and collecting books and magazines for the Veteran’s Hospital in Providence.

The State Grange was holding a home economic meeting at the Biltmore Hotel on March 31 with luncheon and a motion was made that the Home Economics Chairman be sent expenses paid.

A motion was made and supported to enter the one-act play contest.

Also, a suggestion was made that “the matter of the new airport road which is routed to go through Brother Henderson’s home be brought before the proper persons.” Though it seems like this might refer to Warwick, North Central Airport opened in 1951.

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