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Blackstone Valley Historical Society
1873 Old Louisquisset Pike
P. O. Box 125
Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA

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Board Members:

  • Jason Dionne -President       401-862-4202
  • John Houghton – Treasurer     401-651-6463
  • Francine Jackson – Secretary
  • Lori Melucci – Vice President

Members at Large and Directors:

  • Gail Harris
  • Bob Ferri
  • Don Coelho

Other Important Members:

  • Kristina Guadagni – Webmaster

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  1. Hi. I am looking for the probable burial places of Abner Lapham of Manville and his son, James Lapham. I am proving James as a new Patriot for the NSDAR.

    1. Most of us aren’t genealogists, so you might be able to get farther contacting the American-French Genealogical Society or the R. I. Genealogical Society However, I did look on “find a grave” and in the RI historical cemeteries database, and it seems that although there are plenty of Laphams buried in RI, there is no James or Abner. Do you have anything like a possible birth or death date for either Abner or James? There is a James Lapham buried at Marshfield Hills Cemetery in Massachusetts in 1784 at the age of 28.

      1. shows an Abner Lapham living in Cumberland in the 1700s. He was at one time the town treasurer. I would suggest going to the Cumberland Town Hall and asking to see the Vital statistics for those years to see if the date of Abner’s and/or James’ death is listed, and a possible burial site.

      2. Presently I am caretaker abs living in the historic home of the Handy Family, dating back more than 100 years. It is a beautiful structure with many historical features and rich historic past in the Town of Lincoln, (Manville) RI. Its home today is called The Breezes. The Handy Family was a very prestigias family manufacturer of some the finest velvet in the world. I am hoping to intrigue the Blackstone Valley Historic Preservation and invite members to an open invitation to view and perhaps lend additional information. Mr. Handy dedicated acres of unspoiled land that is a beautiful refuge for the rare natural John Handy Refuge. Over the years, this donated habitat was left for the townspeople as a gift to the future of Manville/Lincoln.

  2. I have 2 books from the Diamond Jubilee of Holy Trinity Parish, Central Falls.. Would like to mail this to you. Would you be interested in having them? Many thanks, Maureen Barton

  3. Hi,
    My name is Patrick. My father grew up his whole life in Pawtucket. My father passed away in 2001. Upon going through some of his belongings recently, I came upon a picture which I am assuming is either from a City of Pawtucket or RI State meeting, where it looks as if something is being signed into law. There are no labels. I’ve tried to research online with no success. Now that I live in FL, I am unable to research it in person at resources in RI (library, city hall, etc.). Is there anyone I could email copies of the pictures to who’d be willing to look at the pictures and see if they can provide me any information? Thank you!

    (774) 291-0472

  4. Recently discovered Michael DiMucci at Bristol summer concerts- what a treasure!. I also learned that he performed a fundraiser last year in Lincoln ( I’m sosorry I missed it!). Any chance he will be back this year?
    Thank you!

    1. Perhaps next year! We will forward your comment to Michael. Check back at this website. Thank you.

  5. I’m trying to find record albums (78’s) that my mother recorded between 1945-1950.
    My family used to have some of her records, but they were lost.
    Her name was Claire Richard and she was from Manville, R.I. She went to high school at St. Clare’s in Woonsocket. I think she was part of a jazz band and I know that she sang in French.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Hello. My name is Nathan Matthews. I run the Lincoln RI Yard Sale page, assist with conducting Lincoln High-School reunions, work as a counselor at 2 Psychiatric facilities and a professional metal detectorist. I currently detect and dig for Salter Grove in Warwick, Smithfield Historical Society, Cumberland Historical Society ( Franklin Farms) Etc… and I would love to have the opportunity to detect for Lincoln’s Historical Society. I detect and donate all items I find. I recently detected for The Hearthside House and was able to uncover some pretty interesting historical artifacts. I dig small plugs, fill them in and it appears as though I was never there. I do it for the adventure and exercise. I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and this is my outlet.

  7. My name is Sally. I own a Civil War record of Sgt Ira Parkis done in water color by Reynolds who was in the same company as Ira at 15th Mass. Volunteers, Company H. Ira was wounded at Antietam on September 17, 1862.

    This record also shows a lot more of Ira, who was from North Smithfield, RI. He returned to North Smithfield after the war and ran a general store with his brother.

    If you are interested in having this piece of memorialbelia, please contacted me at 724-837-8414. I have had this piece for 50 years. It came from a home in Whitinsville, MA

  8. Hi everyone,
    I would like to introduce myself as the newest member. I am Cindy Thibodeau and we, my husband and Irish Jack Russell puppy named Logan, just moved to Woonsocket this year. I have been a Certified Professional Genealogist since 2010 but have been doing genealogy for over 25 years.
    If I can help in any way; newsletter, membership, baking, archives, look-ups, publicity, anything, just let me know.
    I am excited to be a member and look forward to meeting everyone at one of the next meetings.

    Kind regards,

    Cindy Thibodeau

  9. Hello,
    Might you have in your collection an engraving by J.S. Lincoln, with title/subject: “Blackstone River, at Pawtucket”? It’s the illustration on the cover of the excellent pamphlet by Patrick T. Conley, “ The Blackstone Valley: A Sketch of its River, its Canal, its People” ( R.I Publications Society) I’d like to find out if I might obtain rights to reproduce this image, if available. Thank you

  10. Does anyone remember the name of the preacher who became quite popular but first started out in that small church in Berkeley, Cumberland (at least it used to be a church) just north of what is now Davenports on the opposite side of the road. The story went that when he first got the assignment he thought he was going to Berkeley, California.
    It is driving us all crazy trying to remember his name. We now live out of state. For some reason I think his name started with an H
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Sandy

      1. Norman Vincent Peale was a minister and author known for works like The Power of Positive Thinking and A Guide to Confident Living. Rev Norman Vincent Peale served as pastor at the Methodist Church in Berkeley, RI from 1922-1924. I have pictures in the FB Group I ADMIN: “You Know You’re From Cumberland”

  11. Would you know the history and original location of the Ballou Home for the Aged? I believe my grandmother, Phoebe Taylor Greenhalgh was the home’s first Matron, but we don’t know when or where the home opened.
    Thank you,

  12. Are there any histories on the post offices of Central Falls and/or Pawtucket that might identify workers by name? I have a relative named Annie Lilly who worked there early 1900’s until WW2 and anecdotally was referred to as “postmistress”.
    Thank you for any clues!

  13. Was hoping you could help me find information on the E. Rosen and Rosbro Plastic Companies from Pawtucket. Would love to learn about items the patented also.


    Chuck Braden

  14. Mr. Jason Dionne,

    My Name is Christopher Carcifero Board Member of the Woonsocket Historical. I am assisting a colleague in researching the Darling Family that was buried in the Elder Ballou cemetery in Cumberland. I was wondering if the BVHS may have received the church records when the church was closed? Ray Bacon who is a local historian and former High School teacher recommended that I contact the BVHS. I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

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